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Fulvic Acid "Chelate Balance"

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Kireito Photo Fulvic Acid is one of Chemical Carboxyl Group (Organic Acid). This acid can’t be synthesized in animal body but only is produced by plant with very long time period. Among deep forest, bacteria (microorganism) and earthworms turn deposition of dead branches and fallen leaves into something similar to soil which is referred as leaf mold or humus. Decomposition further proceeds and the corrosive substances (Humic substances) will remain as the final product. Fulvic acid is a very small portion produced within the Humic substance.
Miya Monte developed technology to make the fulvic acid only using natural ingredients. The successful product that cultures fulvic acid made of the world's first organic component is "Chelate Balance" which is a cost efficient Organic source that dually acts as a carbon neutralizer (in the soil, plants, animals, and humans) and as an efficient means to produce sufficient biofuel which would provide clean usable and renewable energy worldwide. A significant characteristic unique to Fulvic Acid is its Double-Task cell health activity. As a chelating agent, it effectively removes excess or harmful materials from the body while also acting as a supplementary agent transporting nutrients the body needs.

  1. Optimizes mineral balance in the body of animals and plants, and keeps every single cell in good condition.
  2. Since the ability to remove free radicals (active oxygen) is powerful, it prevents the human body to rust as a natural anti-oxidant.
  3. Encourages Immunostimulatory and works as immune mediators to improve the health of each individual life. Delivers nutrients that are taken into the body to the necessary cells and absorb unwanted materials then discharged from the body.
  4. Hair growth, skin-beautifying effect, improve immunity, anti-inflammatory, prevent sunburn, detox, radioactivity removal, etc.
  5. For radioactivity removal, test result of the seawater with radioactive contamination (in Fukushima) shows that Iodine 131 becomes one seventh and Cesium 134/137 has been reduced to one ninth in just one hour as shown below table (in Bq/cm3, CE=Concentration Estimated value).
  6. Radioactive contaminated seawater1-hour after Fulvic Acid added
    Iodine 1310.1650.413 (60% CE)0.059reduced to 1/7  
    Cesium 1340.2730.683 (60% CE)0.076reduced to 1/9
    Cesium 1360.0080.019 (60% CE)below 0.006  not calculated
    Cesium 1370.2760.690 (60% CE)0.078reduced to 1/9
    Lanthanum 140  0.036  0.090 (60% CE)  below 0.015not calculated

    The report (April 20, 2011) concluded that Radioactive concentration was reduced to approx. 1/9 in 1 hour. It has been confirmed that fulvic acid has decontaminating capabilities. We can assume that the more time passes after the fulvic acid is added to the contaminated seawater, radioactive concentration will be reduced more since the further process of chelation will continue. It is conceived that "Fulvic acid contains tremendous amount of nano-level six-membered ring chemical structure. Therefore, threaded zero point field is formed in the same amount of the six-membered ring compounds. Threaded zero point field generates the information quantum energy (photons, neutrinos, electrons) as pair products. As a result, the cesium (55Cs) becomes harmless electron deficient Barium atom radical ion (56Ba*+)".

"MiyaMonte Fulvic Acid" article

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