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if ingesting minerals, it's LIQUID SILICA

100% water-soluble「LIQUID X4」

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About Silica

2nd most common atom next to Oxygen in the Earth (Element 14)

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an essential nutrient for blood, blood-vessels, bones, hair, nail, skin & all other cells in human body

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popular suppliment in Europe and the United States

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Liquid Silica >1 million users

60% Complete

Content of Silica in human body is about 18g and 40mg is the necessary dose per day. The ability to hold silica in the body gets weaker with age. Also, it is very difficult to harvest from ordinary foods. Therefore, positive Silica dose is highly recommended. Silica is effective on: Improving intestinal immunity and purifying active oxygen/bad bacteria. Energizing Mitochondria and making metabolism more active. Recovering healthy thymus & pineal gland that detox accumulated toxins. Improving blood circulation which will enhance body’s metabolism and immunity. Silica supports healthy body at cellular level.
According to "Framingham study" (joint research of USA and England), it concluded Silica makes bones more strengthen than calcium. Speaking of minerals to strengthen the bone, everyone visualizes calcium. However, the latest research, silica has been found to be more likely to strengthen the bone than calcium.

Medical Society and Medical Research Council  Liquid Silica has been under day-to-day research by many researchers, following two of the Society have worked extensively.
Japan Medical Science Institute of Silicon
All of the original effect and efficacy and clinical analysis in the medical and scientific field to material relating to silica, the Society aims to contribute to the improvement and corporate prosperity of the wisdom of the human race.
Japan Silicon Cure Study Group
It consists only doctors and medical doctorates. Modern Western medicine, Oriental medicine also medical state-of-the-art facilities, such as medical equipment, among other medical and therapeutic medicine, it proposes a medical approach utilizing silica against disease difficult to overcome at this stage. Through announcing each of the clinical trial results, it aims to improve the members' mutual knowledge, is a study group that aims to spread the use of their knowledge to Japan and the entire world.

power of Silica

Lipolytic action

Silica decomposes lipids and emulsified with water into fluent and clean


As Silica is essential mineral, will support healthy diet with ingesting everyday continuously

Antioxidant action

Oxidize (rust) is suppressed, and support the day-to-day health

Bacteriostatic action

Excellent sterilizing power and deodorant effect, also suitable for storage of food


Nano silica has a great penetration, it will reach quickly to the inside of the rice and vegetables fruits



Removing oxide material and impurities (such as pesticides and chemical fertilizers) of rice and vegetables fruits, making more delicious



Test Data

  1. Antioxidant action :  Silica in the cell membrane is defending the attack from active oxygen, which means Silica is effective on preventing oxidation (rust) at cellular level and expected to be effective on skin trouble (such as spots, freckles, wrinkles and Atopy) as well.

    Active Oxygen TypeActive Oxygen LevelElimination % by Silicon
    Super OxideMass generation of Primary Active Oxygen84.96%
    Hydroxyl RadicalStrongest Active Oxygen which destroys DNA and considered as causing cancer67.19%
    Singlet OxygenCause of skin trouble by Ultraviolet rays17.21%

  2. Bacteriostatic action :  Test result shows suppression of bacteria growth such as periodontal bacteria, P. acne and others cause perspiration and aging odor.
  3. Bacteria Type# of bacteria at start5 minutes15 minutes
    Escherichia coli7.1 x 105No detectionNo detection
    Legionella1.5 x 1071.0 x 105No detection
    Norovirus6.0No detectionNo detection

  4. Detergency :  Silica will purify such as rice or vegetable polluted by impurities (pesticides and chemical fertilizer) from inside. Also, test result shows the power to reduce radiation dose from radioactive material analysis (total Bq / kg of cesium 134 and 137).
  5. Specimen  Before WashWash by water10% Silica w waterSoak Time
    Watercress16.66.0No detection30 min.
    Citron2162031845 sec.
    Shiitake Mushroom80341031460 min.

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